This is the film that put Volcom Snowboarding on the map.By combining the world’s best snowboarders with an unforgettable soundtrack, the film takes the viewer into a journey unlike anything seen before in snowboarding. Shot all in super 8 film and made 100% by hand, The Garden’s free spirited message and creative edit stands the test of time as one of the greatest snow films ever. A true classic for any snowboarder’s collection.

Starring: Terje Haakonsen, Bryan Iguchi, Chet Thomas, Bryan Hartman, Jamie Lynn, Jeff Anderson, Joel Mahaffey, Jamie Heinrich, Ben Ashburner, Mike Parillo, Janna Meyen, Teo Lamm, Ryan Immegart, Daniel Franck, Jason Toth, Sebu Kuhlberg, Jason Carrougher, Ingmar Backman, Todd Proffit, Billy Anderson, Todd Messick, Peter Line, Alexi, Randy Walker, Mike Estes, Brian Thein, Jim Rippey, Ryan Williams, Dave Downing

DVD @ Volcom website

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